To help keep the check-in line moving while still keeping a personal touch, a volunteer or worker manned with a mobile device (smartphone, tablet) can walk around and help set up parent/guardian and visitor accounts. Rather than waiting until each family reaches the front of the check-in line to create their check-in account, the volunteer can gather and input the pertinent information to set up their KidCheck account while they are waiting.

Even better, there’s Express Check-In where parents check-in using their own mobile device! No more waiting in line, no additional check-in station needed. Fast, Easy, Convenient.

The Registration Assistant helps save time, keeps a steady flow for check-in and provides a great opportunity to welcome visitors and connect with families. While setting up the check-in account, the volunteer or worker can introduce themselves to visiting families and start a dialogue, or touch base with a an existing member that has not yet set up their check-in account. Now when the family reaches the check-in station they are ready to check-in and all they need to do is input their 10 digit phone number as their account will have already been created.

The Registration Assistant can also be run on a standalone, unlicensed computer to give visitors and extra station where new accounts can be created, without causing delays at your check-in stations.