KidCheck has a unique design in that parents create and manage their own accounts. This drastically reduces your workload setting up and maintaining accounts. You don’t have to do the upfront input as parents develop their own accounts; and you don’t have to track down updates or changes because parents keep the child, guardian and contact information up-to-date.

Having real-time, current authorized and non-authorized guardian data is especially important with today’s various family situations. Not only does it help increase the security of the children in your care, it also takes you off the “firing-line” should there be an issue with a guardian trying to pick-up as you are simply following the exact instructions as provided by the parents. It’s not a question of what you as the organization have or have not input into their account.

This is at no cost to parents and provides benefits for them as well.

  • They control the accounts and details in it, so they can feel confident the right information (contact, authorization, allergy/medical) is in their account and it is current because they are making the updates real-time without the need to relay data to you to change/update and wonder when it will be done.
  • Parents are able to create and update their accounts when and where it is convenient for them, including from the comfort of their own home. This flexibility also allows for the photos associated with children and guardians to be ones they choose, rather than you lining everyone up for their picture with a brick wall as the background.
  • Another huge benefit is that KidCheck is a global, web-based database, which means once parents have a KidCheck account they can quickly and easily check-in to any facility utilizing KidCheck. For example, they could check their children in at church, their daycare or preschool, and when going to the gym – all without needing to set up a separate account or having to provide their information, yet again, to each facility. Their information will not be available to the facility until they actually check-in there.

Great benefits! Now how do you get parents to understand, cooperate and complete?
Here are some suggestions to encourage parents to set up their account.

Tempted to just do it for them – please don’t! Here’s why you should not set up parents’ accounts for them.