Powerful yet simple. Fast and efficient. Intuitive, quick, and easy.
That’s KidCheck’s volunteer scheduling. Plus, it’s available in both a mobile app and desktop version.

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Perfect for all types of events such as Sunday service, camps, adult or kid get togethers, VBS, community events, more Рand to schedule volunteers for any roles the event requires like classroom teachers and helpers, safety teams, music, greeters, hospitality, tech, etc.

It’s simple.

  1. Create your event with all the pertinent details
  2. Designate roles and associated number of volunteers
  3.  Invite specific volunteers/staff

You’ll be notified when a request has been accepted or not, and the at-a-glance view shows filled and open spots
pre-event so there are no surprises.

Easy For All

  • Mobile app and desktop options
  • Quickly create, duplicate, edit events
  • At-a-glance view of open and filled spots shows when and where volunteers are still needed
  • Easy to read list and calendar (daily, weekly, monthly) views of current, upcoming, and completed events
  • Assign volunteers with the click of a button. Choose to either request or schedule them
  • Volunteers share their role and availability preferences

KidCheck Volunteer Scheduling At-a-Glance Volunteer StatusBenefits

  • Save time, be more organized over manual spreadsheets or complicated scheduling tools
  • Know exactly who has agreed to volunteer and in which roles and times
  • At-a-glance view of open spots that still need to be filled
  • Intuitive and easy for volunteers keeping them more engaged

Additional Features

  • Automated reminders with options for notification type (email, text, both) and frequency
  • You create the groups and roles which work best for you and your specific event
  • Built in filters for fast and organized scheduling
  • Option to designate roles as paid
  • Built-in reports provide key event data as well as volunteer status, days off, roles and notes
  • Ability to add notes about a volunteer in their profile for other admins to see

Tutorial: Volunteer Scheduling

Available in Plus edition and above