Easily handle children’s check-in and attendance tracking across multiple services. ¬†Parents/guardians choose and check children into multiple services right at the time of initial check-in. There’s no need to check in and out between services or reprint badges. Churches can easily see who is checked-in across multiple services and still provide accurate attendance tracking by individual service.

Additionally you can set automatic open and close times for your check-in stations, and designate exactly which service template you want available for check-in at exactly which time. These automated features available with multi-service include:

Automatic template switching allows you to automatically switch which service children’s check-in is associated with at a specific time determined by you. For example, at 9:30 a.m. you can set check-in to stop being associated with the 8:30 service and start being associated with the 10:00 service.

Automatic check-in open and close allows you to designate a “Check-in Closed” time period, so you can shut down check-in for a period of time, or set the check-in stations to open all at once.

Tutorial: Multi-Service Check-In