Multi-Service Check-in allows your parents to select multiple locations at check-in if they will be staying for multiple services. You can easily handle check-in and attendance tracking across multiple church services, set automatic open and close times for your check-in stations, and designate exactly which service template you want available for check-in at exactly which time. You can easily see who is checked-in across multiple services and still provide accurate attendance tracking.

The Multi-Service Check-in feature is available on the Plus and Premier editions.

Creating a Program

Programs are the foundation for multi-service check-in. They allow you to specify which templates you want to run, and at which times.

  1. Click on the Check-in tab within your KidCheck account
  2. Click the Programs tab
  3. Choose +Add New Program (on the left)
  4. Input the program name, description (optional) and the associated campus
  5. Click Save Changes on the top right corner
  6. Click the arrow icons next to the templates you’d like to add to your program
  7. Input the start time you want for each of the templates for your multiple services
  8. Click Save Changes.

Creating a new program



Explanation of how start times work

Using Programs

When you are ready to start check-in, go to the Check-in tab, select the Programs tab and then click on Start next to the appropriate program. As guardians check-in they will see the templates you have associated with that program and will be able to choose a location from each template.