video_cameraIf a picture is worth a thousand words, these support videos are worth… even more! Our support videos help demonstrate how to quickly accomplish common tasks related to KidCheck’s children’s check-in software. If you need additional help, please consult our online support center, or contact us.

How to Merge Guardian Accounts

Follow along step by step to learn how to merge a guardian account.

How to Create a Template

This video will walk you through the steps to create your Templates for Check-In. Templates are events that you create for check-in and are comprised of Locations.

How to Create a Program

This video is for Plus and Premier editions of KidCheck and shows you how to set up a Program. If you have multiple Templates you want to run throughout the day, a Program can automatically switch to the appropriate Template at the time you specify. It will also let you check in to multiple Locations ...

Brother QL-800 Setup

This video will help you with the setup process for the Brother QL-800. It will also show you how to reload it with labels.

How-To Install KidCheck Client On Windows 10/11

The KidCheck Client is a small, lightweight piece of software that runs in the background on your check-in station computers. The Client should start and run automatically, but occasionally you may need to start it manually. (Particularly if you receive a “Client Not Detected” message when trying to start check-in). This video walks through the ...

How-To Create A Roster

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to create a roster.

How-To Create A Smart Group

Learn how to create a smart group so KidCheck can do all the work. A smart group keeps your group updated with the filters you’ve added to it.

How-To Turn Off A Printer In A Location

Learn how to disable or enable printing from a location. It is surprisingly useful if you don’t want to print labels for certain age groups.

How-To Load Balance A Location

Load balancing a location can be very helpful when checking in children to different groups of the same location.

How-To Add A New Admin

Follow along and learn how to add a new administrator to your organization’s account. The security roles allow you to give your workers the perfect amount of access.

How-To Install KidCheck Client On Mac

The KidCheck Client is a small, lightweight piece of software that runs in the background on your check-in station computers. The Client should start and run automatically, but occasionally you may need to start it manually (particularly if you receive a “Client Not Detected” message when trying to start check-in). This video walks through the ...

How-To Broadcast Text Using SmartGroup

You can easily broadcast email and text messages to guardians and volunteers. (Broadcast Tools are available for Plus and Premier Subscriptions).

How-To License An iPad/Tablet

In order to run check-in, a computer or tablet will first need to be licensed. This is a quick and easy process and only needs to be done once per device. If you need to add additional licenses to your account, please contact KidCheck Sales/Support at (208) 538-2000 or

KidCheck Admin Console App Walkthrough

This KidCheck How-To Video is a walkthrough of the Admin Console app. The Admin Console app is a very useful tool for having live class rosters on your phone or tablet, texting or calling guardians, and so much more!

How To Setup Your PrintHub Express

This KidCheck How-To Video walks you through setting up your PrintHub Express. The PrintHub Express is a prior generation product and is not the same as the current ExpressHub.  Express Check-in allows the parents to check-in on their mobile device, then once they arrive at your organization, they complete check-in, as well as print off ...

Express Check-In (Parent Instructions)

This KidCheck How-To Video walks parents and guardians through the Express Check-In mobile app process. With Express Check-In, parents start check-in on their mobile device wherever there’s an internet or cellular data connection. Once they arrive to your organization and are near the PrintHub Express, they can process the check-in and print off their name ...

Mobile App Account Creation

  This KidCheck How-To Video shows how to create your KidCheck profile on our mobile app. The video is demonstrated on an iOS iPhone but the instructions can be applied to Android phones and tablets as well. You can download the KidCheck app from the Apple iTunes App Store and Google Play App Store.

KidCheck Mobile App Walk Through

This video is a quick walk through of our new mobile app for tablets. It goes over the basics of logging in to your account, licensing, editing your profile, starting a check-in, etc.

1st Generation PrintHub Setup Instructions

This KidCheck How-To Video is a step by step instructional on how to configure your KidCheck PrintHub to your network. The PrintHub is a wireless print server for your mobile tablet check-in station that will help simplify and speed up your check-in process! For written setup instructions view our written tutorial. If you are setting up a ...

How to Use KidCheck’s Custom Reports Tool

In KidCheck’s comprehensive report library, there are a wide variety of quick and easy reports for you to use to view attendance data and contact information. If you have a need these reports do not address, KidCheck also has a powerful custom report builder. This tool allows you to create reports that display the exact ...

Custom Reports for Event Registration

KidCheck’s Event Registration tool allows you to gather key information about guardians and children before an event occurs. One great way to view and use this information is through KidCheck’s custom report builder. This video demonstrates how to build a custom report for your event registration information, as well as how to use Excel to ...

Event Registration Setup

Our Event Registration feature can help you collect registration information before a big event- allowing you get the word out, collect payment (if necessary), and plan your classrooms accordingly. This how to video walks through the process of creating an event, how parents can register their children, and managing your list of registered kids.

How to reload labels in a Dymo printer

When your DYMO LabelWriter printer runs out of labels, loading a new roll is quick and easy. This video will show you how.

Setting up a new parent/guardian account

One of KidCheck’s most valuable features is the ability for parents and guardians to create their own account, and manage their own information and authorized guardian lists. Creating a new parent/guardian account is free and easy. This video steps through the process of creating an account, as well as adding information, children, and guardians.

How to add a volunteer to your organization

Need some help adding volunteers or employees to your organization? Here is a quick video on how to authorize volunteers and employees to check in.