Text messaging makes parent and volunteer communication fast, easy, inexpensive and private. Both individual and broadcast text messaging capabilities are built into KidCheck allowing for messages to be sent right from the system. Broadcast Text Messaging enables you to send a text message to a large group of parents, volunteers or both so you can easily handle last minute updates or change notifications. Find more information here on the benefits of text messaging both for parents and your church, athletic facility or childcare organization.

How to Set Up Broadcast Text Messaging

  1. After signing into KidCheck, choose the People tab
  2. Click the Texting tab
  3. Click on New Message under Page Options on the left



  1. To generate a list of recipients to choose from, select if you want to include guardians, volunteers or both; input the date range, campus, template and location parameters
  2. Select (or deselect) the recipients you want to receive the text message by checking the box next to their name (note: only guardians and volunteers who have enabled text messaging on their account will show as possible recipients)
  3. Type your message in the text box
  4. Click Send Message on the bottom right