Putting thought into and determining your check-out procedures is just as important to children’s safety and parent satisfaction as a planned check-in process is. Sometimes there can be confusion on check-out options, best practices, and how to implement them. This information is designed to help you better understand your check-out options so you can determine what works best for your organization.

Visual Check-Out: The child name badge and guardian receipt are designed to be the “lock and key” for check-out with their unique matching security codes. Simply look at both the child label and guardian receipt to ensure the codes match. Upon verification you can release the child to the guardian. With visual check-out, everyone will be checked out of the system automatically at midnight.

Electronic Check-Out: Electronic check-out takes visual check-out to the next security level. First, scan the barcode on the child’s name badge to pull up the Detail Lookup screen. This screen houses all the detailed child information including child/guardian contact information and listing all authorized and unauthorized guardians. Then scan the barcode on the guardian receipt. If they match, KidCheck processes the check-out and you’ll see the message “Successful Check-Out.”

Check-Out with Key Tag or Phone Number: Parents can also either scan their key tag or enter their 10 digit phone number and select the children to check out, just as they did for check-in. You will still need to complete the visual check-out to maintain a level of security.

Check-Out with the Admin Console App: KidCheck administrators with the Admin Console App downloaded on their mobile device can process check-outs right in the classroom as the children leave their care. Once the authorized guardian is verified, simply choose the checked-in child, select the guardian picking up the child, and complete the check-out.

Check-Out Receipt Texts:  With this option enabled, when a child is checked in, a text will be automatically sent to the parent/guardian with a link to a unique digital check-out receipt and QR code. At check-out, simply scan the code on their phone with a 2D barcode scanner, or use for a visual security code verification.

Electronic Guardian Receipt: Parents and guardians with the KidCheck mobile app, an electronic guardian receipt is available on their mobile device.  The receipt will automatically disappear at midnight on the day of the check-in.

Bulk Check-Out: KidCheck also offers a bulk check-out feature so you can check-out all the children at once. For example, you may need to check-out all kids between a morning and evening service or class to start with a clean slate. It can also be used to check out volunteers. For more information, see the bulk check-out tutorial.

Automatic Check-Out: KidCheck Administrators are able to set a time to check out everyone in their system. For more information and to access this feature, please check Automatic Check-Out feature.

Check-out Text Message: For parents that have enabled text messaging, when someone other than the primary guardian checks a child out, the primary guardian will receive a text notification letting them know the child has been picked up. More on text messaging can be found in the individual text messaging tutorial.

Child Pick-Up Alert: Quickly and easily communicate between classrooms and designated parent pick-up areas to release children using the Child Pick-Up Alert.

Missing Label: So, how do you process the secure release of a child if the guardian doesn’t have a receipt to check security codes against? Easily and safely. If a guardian attempts to pick up a child without a receipt because they say it was lost or their spouse forgot to give it to them, you can still ensure they are an authorized guardian:

  • Leave the child safely in the room while you investigate.
  • Use the “Detail Lookup” screen to check the list of authorized and unauthorized guardians. Access the “Detail Lookup” screen either by:
    • Scanning the barcode on the child’s label (with a USB barcode scanner at the check in screen)
    • Or through the Admin Console App or Admin Console (via the “Admin Console” icon in the top right corner of the check in screen)
  • View the authorized and unauthorized guardian names and photos to determine if you can release the child. If needed, you can ask for a driver’s license as proof of identification as well.
  • Once verified on the guardian list, select their name from the Check-Out > Select Guardian settings, and choose Check-Out. Check-out is complete.