KidCheck is designed to work with existing pager systems to easily associate your pager numbers with checked-in children. Simply input the pager number you want associated with each child/guardian checking in, and that number will print on the child check-in label. As an alternative to expensive pager systems, KidCheck also utilizes Text Messaging as a means to contact guardians when they are needed.

Enabling Manual Pager Entry

  1. Log into your KidCheck admin account
  2. Click on the System Settings gear icon in the upper right
  3. Select System Options > Check-in Options in the left sidebar
  4. In the Guardian Pagers area, select Yes – 1 Pager Per Child (Manual)
  5. Click the Save Changes button


Assigning a pager during check-in

  1. During check-in, each child will have a pager field
  2. To assign a pager to a child, type your pager number into the pager slot

If a pager number is entered for a child, it will print on the child’s name badge, be recorded in the Admin Console, and show on the Current Check-in Roster report. If the pager number field is left blank, no pager will be assigned.


To have pagers be automatically assigned, please visit our Pager Support (Auto-Issuing) tutorial.