The level of detail you utilize at set up will have great benefits in the future for reporting, tracking, and ease of parent check-ins. Creating the proper location designators within your templates now will help you obtain more accurate information in your reporting including attendance, ratios, trends, location of each child and volunteer.

The check-in template defines which locations will be available at check-in. Churches should have a template for each service or event. Day cares and activity or fitness centers may have a single check-in template. Templates are set up or removed from the “Check-in” tab. Locations are set up or removed from the “Campuses & Locations” settings (System Settings>System Options>Campuses & Locations>Your Campus).

Locations are assigned to the appropriate template and work best when clearly corresponding to each different child care room or group you have. For example, if you have babies in one place and toddlers in another, your locations will be “Infant room” and “Toddler Room.” Also, if you combine age groups into one room you should make a separate location for each age/grade so you can run reports or communicate to guardians for that group only. An example of this is “3yr olds, Zoo Room” and “4 yr olds, Zoo Room.” This will enable you to run reports based on the specific age and parents to know which room to select at check-in.

Recommended Detail Poor Detail
Infants (0-12 months) Rm 101 Nursery
Toddlers (13-24 months) Rm 102 School Age
Zoo Room (2 yr olds) Zoo Room (2-3 yr olds)
Zoo Room (3 yr olds)