Multiple security and printing features are associated with the children’s name badges, parent/guardian receipts and volunteer/employee badges.

Security: Check-in and out security measures include matching security codes and a unique identical watermark printed on the children’s badges and guardian receipts; as well as, prominent allergy/medical warnings on the children’s check-in badges. For extra security, if a child has an unauthorized guardian listed on their account, an exclamation point will print on the lower left hand corner of the badge alerting staff extra caution may be necessary at check out. If you see a birthday cake icon on a child’s badge, it’s indicating it’s within 7 days of their birthday. During the check-in process, parents also have the option to add any special notes for the day they want printed on the badge.

Child name badges can quickly and easily be reprinted if needed. To ensure the utmost in security, guardian receipts can not be reprinted and they contain no personal information regarding the child.

Parent maintained accounts include listing of authorized and unauthorized guardians. Any children with an unauthorized guardian on the account will show an exclamation point on the corner of the child name badge for quick reference and added security.

In addition to using their 10-digit phone number to check children-in, parents and guardians also have the choice of creating and using an optional unique Check-In PIN, if they are interested in an additional layer of security.

KidCheck also has a volunteer/employee check-in solution which includes the ability to print volunteer/employee name badges for easy identification of authorized staff.  More on volunteer check-in

Electronic Guardian Receipts: Electronic guardian receipts are available in the KidCheck mobile app. This means each time a check-in is processed via a station, tablet, or through Express Check-In,  if the parent/guardian has downloaded the KidCheck app, the guardian receipt will be available on their personal mobile device.

Badge Printing: Name badges, volunteer/employee badges and guardian receipts are printed with a thermal label printer so no ink is used, making maintenance a breeze. Depending on your preference, for volunteer/employee badges, there is an option to easily create permanent, full-color laminated name badges as well.

Scanning: Barcode scanners can be used with keytags, or to read and match the barcode on the child and parent badges for check-out and other processes. KidCheck offers competitively priced, pre-programmed scanners that are ready to go out right out of the box. Printers, scanners and keytags are available in the KidCheck Store.

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