KidCheck integrates with leading church management software (ChMS) providers
Breeze, Church Community Builder, Church Windows, Planning Center

Maintain a single organization-wide database, plus experience the benefits of best-in-class check-in, with KidCheck’s easy-to-use, innovative, secure children’s check-in. Integration provides the best of both worlds, with the option to choose and pair top technology solutions to meet your individual needs.

Single Database + Secure Children’s Check-In

  • Choose from the best technology solutions available by easily pairing KidCheck’s children’s check-in with an existing ChMS
  • KidCheck’s sole focus on children’s check-in delivers an innovative, easy-to-use, highly secure solution that’s not always available in a ChMS
  • Access to KidCheck’s comprehensive suite of reports

Quickly Capture Visitors and Family Updates

  • No need to re-create or update family information in either system, data syncs automatically
  • Capture visitor information right at child check-in for easy follow up
    • No paper forms, manual data entry, or time consuming data input
  • Information input at child check-in is updated in the ChMS
  • Family updates, via KidCheck’s unique parent maintained accounts, can transfer helping keep ChMS up-to-date

Seamless Data Sharing

  • Data is shared seamlessly between KidCheck and the ChMS system
  • Flexibility to choose what, when and how often to review, match and update records (automatic with Church Windows)
  • If a family is already in the ChMS, but not KidCheck, the family will show up in KidCheck at check-in
  • If a family is not in the ChMS, but is in KidCheck, multiple options are available for the data import

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